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Social Media can bombard us with information overload and articles or events of note can stream by so quickly they get pushed to the background before even giving them the attention they command.  So, if for myself at the very least, and hopefully of interest to you, the reader, I will be gathering together some of those interesting happenings that cause me to take note and to stop and think, here in a weekly post.   My wonderings prompted while wandering, if you will.

For my inaugural Weekly Wonderings I’ve put together links to some happenings around the globe that touch upon the Craft Beer world, Social Media, and Music. Expect to see Technology and Books as other categories make appearances in the future.  This week’s wonderings is video heavy but not all weekly posts will be.  It all depends on what strikes my interest.

The Full Pint -BrewDog Expands To The US With Help From Anchor Brewing

As found on The Full Pint website Anchor Brewing has been the Importer for Brew Dog and looks to help provde a national distribution footprint once Brew Dog’s American location is up and running and brewing Domestically in the US.

Stone Brewing’s brilliant Arrogant Bastard campaign launches

Arrogant Bastard is my desert island beer and what I personally consider Stone Brewings Flagship beer.  In a brilliant and still quite mysterious campaign Arrogant Bastard has flown the Stone coop and has gone out into the world to be brewed at other Craft Breweries.  What this means for Arrogant Bastard overall is still a mystery and one I will be following closely.  Stone Brewing really gets how to use Social Media and is always finding creative ways to stay in the forefront of the Craft Beer conversation.



Do Social Network Posts Show Up in Search?

An insightful discussion between Lany Sullivan and Ammon Johns regarding the impact, or lack thereof, of social media postings on SEO.  One moment that really resonated with me:

Social media is for listening. Your blog is for answering. - Ammon JohnsClick To Tweet

Savvy Sexy Social
The “Hello” Tweet Strategy for More Engagement

Amy Schmittauer’s simple tip to build engagement that can be easily overlooked.  If you’re into Social Media then go follow Amy.  She provides helpful and yes, savvy, content, multiple times a week.


Banner -MUSIC


Netflix launches their new Nina Simon documentary:
What Happened, Nina Simone?

Nina Simone ranks among my all time favorite performers and now on Netflix and in theaters is the new What Happened, Nina Simone, a documentary authorized and supported by her family.  This will be part of my weekend viewing.  If you don’t know Nina Simone head over to YouTube and take a listen. She is a masterful performer. Here’s a concert of Nina Simone from Holland back in 1965.

And now I’m off to deep dive into Nina Simone over on YouTube.

If any of these articles catches your interest or if you have any interesting articles you want to send my way please comment below and let me know.  By each of us sharing what moves us or makes us stop and think we spread knowledge and entertainment and expand our views and thoughts,

Always wondering,

Charles E. Dunkley

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