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Weekly Wonderings 007 – Podcasts

So about this whole Podcast thing.

Yes, I know I’m a bit late to the party. Especially since I’m actually on a podcast or two a week by default and have been for at least the past year or so.

But those podcasts are live video hangouts on air that get re-purposed into podcast format. So until I stumbled across a few key podcasts I never really connected it.

But now the whole podcast world has been opened up to me.

What is responsible for this transformation you wonder?

I will share the podcast responsible for this below.

But first…

I’m still sorting through the various craft beer podcasts out there. And so far I haven’t quite found that one show yet that I just need to listen to every week. Part of the craft beer experience for me is lost when listening to someone review a beer without any visuals. No matter the great descriptions and reviews I still miss not being able to see what the beer looks like.

So I’m looking to you for some great craft beer podcast recommendations.


I listen to a whole host of podcasts in the social media realm which consist of me bouncing between various ones to study delivery, content and technical production. Hopefully out of those will come some that will go onto my Must Listen To list.

Here’s two that have made that list so far:

I came across Madalyn on Twitter a few weeks ago. I think it might have been in a Twitter Chat, I can’t recall exactly. But I soon learned she’s all about how to #TwitterSmarter. She can be found on Twitter posting using the #twittersmarter hashtag.

To go along with her podcast she has started a weekly Twitter Chat of her own now and it is a lot of fun with a lot of great ideas and tips being shared all around.

I’ve been on Twitter for years but only recently in the last month or two have I really begun to get into it. I’m meeting a lot of great people and diving into a ton of great conversations. And Madalyn is always there to interact with and to learn from.

If there’s one thing I rarely do it is sign up to someone’s email newsletter. I’m just not that kind of person.  Normally.

However, there are a few people who have managed to get me to go to their websites and manually seek out and fill out my request for their newsletter. Chris Brogan is one such.

I’m pretty new to Chris even though he’s obviously very well known. But there’s something about him that resonates. Perhaps its the general kindness he so effortlessly exudes.

There’s something to be said about the intrinsic value of someone who manages to convey their thoughts and ideas and motivate you and wrap it all up in such a way that you feel like you’re instantly welcomed.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Chris has to share.



Steak N Egg


Steak N Egg Podcast

I would be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to one of my personal favorite podcasts.

Steak N Egg is a podcast from my cousin Heather and her son Mason.

They cull through the vastness of the Internet to find goofy and interesting headlines and dive into the content sight unseen live on their podcast.

And it is that spontaneity and their live unguarded reactions, along with their back and forth, that make this such an entertaining show.

You experience what each article is actually about right as they do all the while goofing on all the wonderful craziness of humanity. Started in 2014 here’s their most recent episode (as of this writing). So check them out. They are hysterical and not just because they are family.


Up above I promised to share the podcast responsible for my new love of this medium.

Copyblogger‘s Rainmaker.FM hosts a group of outstanding podcasts. And here we find that one show that opened up the podcasting joy for me. First as a listener and second as a prompt to become a podcaster.

RoughDraftRough Draft

Hosted by Demian Farnworth, Rough Draft focuses on the writer, teaching how to retool your writing for the web. Be it blogging, copywriting, etc, if it’s writing for the web, Demian will guide you through the whole process.

Perhaps my favorite part of this podcast is Demian’s absolute love of language, his obsession with words. He revels in finding just the right words to grab the reader/listener and never let go.

He not only teaches with facts and concrete examples. Demian regales with stories historical, anecdotal, biographical and fictional. And throughout you are borne along, transfixed and transformed by the end of each roughly four minute episode, left informed, excited and eager for more.

On my drive to and from work I dive into Rough Draft, transforming the mundane travel into a wonderland of learning and enjoyment.

I don’t know what I’m going to do once I finally catch up to the current episodes and have to wait for new ones.

I leave you now, headed off on a business trip where I hope – in the midst of a mad week long marathon of work – to discover new wonders that will find their way onto this weekly web and podcast series.

For now I’m just trying to shake off that Mickey Rooney “Hey let’s put on a show!” feeling while I continue diving into this wonderful, challenging thing called podcasting.

And once again, please share with me your favorite podcasts. I’m eager to devour as many as I can to learn. And I’m always fascinated by what moves and attracts others.

Always wondering,

Charles E. Dunkley

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