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Weekly Wonderings 004 – International

One of the beauties of the Internet and Social Media platforms in particular is the ability to connect with people around the world. It’s easy for us to get caught up focusing on local events as our own lives often dominate our perspective. And yet, when I sit down at the computer I can explore the rest of the world.

This week’s Weekly Wonderings highlights some people and organizations from outside of the US.



Real Ale Craft Beer

RealAleCraftBeerSimon Martin is a prolific video beer reviewer. Residing in Cardiff (a city who’s name is instantly recognizable to the Doctor Who and Torchwood fans), Simon Martin reviews craft beer from all over the world on his Real Ale Craft Beer YouTube Channel. If you are looking for that one craft beer reviewer then Simon is your guy. His absolute love of craft beer shines through in his reviews as well as his knowledge. He makes you want to run right out to your local craft beer shop and buy that beer.

Besides reviewing craft beers Simon also brews collaboration beers with breweries in the UK.

Simon has been a long time friend of Craft Beer Nation (the craft beer group I belong to) and he never fails to entertain and enlighten.

Head over to Simon’s Real Ale Craft Beer YouTube page and watch some reviews. And don’t forget to leave him your comments and let him know I sent you his way.

Here’s one of my favorite reviews (and a personal favorite craft beer):

Lagunitas Sucks – Lagunitas Brewing



Donna Moritz

Donna Moritz runs Socially Sorted out of Queensland, Australia.  She is a social media master from down under. I’m a new fan of hers, having come across her recently in a Twitter Chat. Since then I have been keeping a close eye on all of the content she shares via her Twitter account. In the short time I’ve been following Donna, I’ve become confident anything she shares will have some value for me, whether it is her original content or just something she’s found valuable that she’s passing along.

Here’s her initial description about herself from her fantastic About Me page:

I’m Donna Moritz … a social media strategist and visual marketing specialist based in Queensland, Australia. I’m passionate about word of mouth marketing and content strategy and I love visual social media.  What lights me up is helping people like you learn how to use visual social media and content strategy to get results in your business.

Donna provides not only to her own original material and services but she shares a wealth of excellent social media and marketing content from so many others in her field.

Go check her out and let her know I sent you her way.


Rayne Dowell
Expert Video Coaching

Expert Video Coaching

Expert Video Coaching

This could easily fall under my Social Media category but since it is instructional videos on the technical aspects of using Video for Business – including Google Plus Hangouts On Air and YouTube –  this is the better fit.

Through Expert Video Coaching, owner  Rayne Dowell (from up north in Canada) provides a series of How To Videos. She walks you through, in very straightforward and easy to follow steps, everything to make sure your Hangout On Air will look professional and run smoothly.  She also guides you through setting up your YouTube Channel.

What I like about Rayne is she presents things in a very easy to follow way and doesn’t rush you through anything.  If you are looking to get a handle on the basics of Video and Video Broadcasting for your business or personal brand then this is a great place to start.

From the About section of their website:

Creating personal, professional, effective, engaging, interesting video content is a skill. We weren’t taught these skills in school and having public speaking skills doesn’t automatically qualify you.

Providing business professionals with a time-saving training system and personal, professional coaching is my specialty. You can learn how easy it is to add quality, customer-friendly video to your skill set and start producing your own videos for your business.

Expert Video Coaching and Training saves you time, money and gives you the tools you need to start creating and sharing your own professional videos.

Here’s one of Rayne Dowell’s Expert Video Coaching videos:

How To Protect Your YouTube Channel

It’s a quick, very informative tip on getting your YouTube Channel secured properly.

I’ve been friends with Rayne for a while on Google Plus and she is without a doubt one of the friendliest people I’ve met online.  Her willingness to share her knowledge and passion and her general overall cheerful kindness welcomes you right in.  She’s always been very helpful to me whenever I’ve reached out to her for her expertise.  Go check out Expert Video Coaching and tell Rayne I said hello!

Banner -MUSIC


I’ve dipped into what I call my “oddness well” for this week’s international spin on music. CocoRosie is definitely a unique band. Formed by sisters Bianca (Coco) and Sierra (Rosie) Casady, CocoRosie is categorized as “freak folk”. Their music is a mixture of pop, hip hop, opera and electronica with various other influences thrown in.

And this is what I love about them. In the same song you can have beat boxing, rapping and operating soaring, along with what sounds like noises made from children’s toys. Definitely an eclectic mix. The usual reaction I get when people hear me listening to them is looks of “what in the world is that!” But for those who connect to their music, they are one of those artists where you can dive in deep and go on an emotional, spiritual journey.

Even though Bianca and Sierra were born and raised in the US, I’m including them in this International edition of Weekly Wonderings as they formed in Paris and really made their name overseas where they are often touring.

Here’s their newest single Un Beso

And here’s one of my favorites of theirs:

CocoRosie – The Moon Asked The Crow – Live At Amoeba Music

Weekly Wonderings 004 – International

And that’s a wrap!

I’d love to hear your opinions on the people I’ve linked to here.  And if you have any International suggestions for any of the above categories please share them with me in the comments below.  I’m always eager to learn.

And now I’m off to listen more CocoRosie.

Always wondering,

Charles E. Dunkley

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