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Weekly Wonderings 002

Week 2 of Weekly Wonderings is all about learning. One of the beauties of the Internet is its use as a platform for sharing knowledge.  And in my wanderings this week I was fortunate to come across a series of items that certainly expanded my knowledge and thought process.


Banner - CRAFT BEERWeekly Wonderings – Craft Beer. While I am a moderator and technical hangout producer for Craft Beer Nation, I explore the craft beer world from all sorts of sources.  One of my favorites is The Craft Beer Channel from overseas in the UK.

Among their many YouTube videos they have a running series called Beer School.  Their most recent entry is all about barrel aging beer.

Check out the rest of their Beer School series for other entertaining and instructional shows.  They also have a host of other great videos revolving around Craft Beer.

Banner - SOCIAL MEDIAWeekly Wonderings – Social Media. I recently joined LinkedIn after years of telling myself I’ll get around to it.  And now that I have I realized I really needed to dive deep into LinkedIn as a professional social media platform.  Luckily for me Ande Lyons Possibility Partners, weekly Hangout On Air over on Google + (are you on G+ and if not, why not?) this week featured Laura Virili who is masterful at breaking down LinkedIn and its power as a professional medium.  And along the way she’ll teach you some tips and tricks on leveraging the technical setup of your profile.

How to Make Your LinkedIn Network an Introduction Machine 

Ande Lyons has quickly become a weekly favorite show of mine.  She always brings such a positive experience to her shows and never fails to entertain and enlighten.

Banner -TECHNOLOGYWeekly Wonderings – Technology. As part of Craft Beer Nation I am involved in Hangouts On Air, which also get turned into podcasts.  And the clarity and consistency of audio levels among the various participants can vary greatly.  Over at the always fantastic Geeks Life is this excellent – and quite technical – breakdown on how to fix uneven audio levels.

How To Fix Those Uneven and Wonky Voice Levels in Your Podcast

Banner -MUSICTerry Leigh Britton’s Blue Juice Jubilee Variety Show!

Weekly Wonderings – Music. This one could easily fall into a few categories.  Terry Britton‘s weekly show has been running for 15 weeks now and it has to be the most interesting and unique weekly show out there. There’s technical tutorials involved, poetry,  and discussions about all sorts of topics.  But I’m placing this here under music as each week opens up with about an hour of instrumental music.  And then there’s Terry playing some live flute.  Be forewarned, plan to spend 3 plus hours on Sunday afternoons with:

Terry Leigh Britton’s Blue Juice Jubilee Variety Show! [15]


And that’s a wrap for Weekly Wonderings 002.  I’m off to NYC for a long weekend am I’m sure next week’s post will include some of my time there,  Expect pics of pizza and beer, among other things!

Do you follow any of the people/groups above?  What are your thoughts about the videos presented here?  Let me know in the comments below.  And if you have any weekly shows you’d like to share let me know.  Also, are there other Weekly Wonderings categories you would like me to add?

Always wondering,

Charles E. Dunkley


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