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I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos of Gary Vaynerchuk and he does a masterful job of repackaging content.  He finds ways to take older video content and make it timely and relevant.  And he takes snippets from his own longer videos, extracting those key moments and re-presenting them in a new way to not only highlight that important moment but to entice you to explore his content even more.  A great example of this is here.

This morning was my first time playing around with Microsoft Movie Maker.  This is a quick video I shot coming out of work in the middle of the night last April.  I took a few pictures that night as well.  One of those pics sits as my current side bar image.  This seemed like a simple video to play around with.

Why, you might wonder, am I interested in doing this?

I participate in a weekly Hangout On Air with Craft Beer Nation (mainly in a Technical Producer role but also as an active participant).  We have a 30 minute current events show every Thursday evening at 9:30PM Eastern called Pints and Quarts.  It usually consists of a conversation with someone in the craft beer industry.  And concludes with highlighting some news articles, new releases, a beer review and upcoming festivals.  We’ve recently added a Job of the Week, highlighting a job posting from our new (and first) sponsor, Craft Beverage Jobs.

We also have a new Hangout On Air Series called Mashing Out with The Beer Fairy.  This is a new monthly series focusing on Homebrewing.  It is run and hosted by Ashley Bower (aka The Beer Fairy). a long time Craft Beer Nation Moderator and a Certified Cicerone.

Once the show has aired live it remains on the Craft Beer Nation YouTube Page and they also get repackaged as a podcast.  Once these two steps are done that’s it.  We get about a week’s worth of traction from these shows and then not much more.  And that’s where content repackaging/repurposing comes into play.  It’s a big area where we as a brand are missing out.  And watching a host of Gary Vaynerchuk videos (along with reading some insightful blogs around the web)  has really opened my mind to want to take a look at all of the countless hours of material we have already recorded as Craft Beer Nation and extract from it all of the little gems that I know are in there.  I’ve been thinking of taking snippets from each and making short little promo videos.  Re-purposing content goes a long way and it’s something we really do not take advantage of at Craft Beer Nation.  And now is the time to change that.  Between Twitter and Instagram and even Pinterest (which is growing by leaps and bounds) it’s a very exciting time to be carving out a slice of the social media realm.

Since I’ve been thinking of playing around with some video editing to enhance some of our Craft Beer Nation video this seemed like a good quick little video I had sitting around to play with.  I didn’t do much to it at all but you have to start somewhere.  So, for posterity’s sake I decided to upload this one.  Maybe one day I will come back and see just how far I’m able to take video content from this very humble beginning.

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