Weekly Wonderings 007 – Podcasts

So about this whole Podcast thing. Yes, I know I’m a bit late to the party. Especially since I’m actually on a podcast or two a week by default and have been for at least the past year or so. But those podcasts are live video hangouts on air that get re-purposed into podcast format. […]

Weekly Wonderings 006 – Blogging

I’ve been writing for a long time but mostly science fiction and fantasy. I have a series of rough drafts of a ten thousand year history of a civilization, centering around the escapades of five royal families. So when I became involved online the desire to blog seemed like an obvious choice. I’ve had some […]

Weekly Wonderings 005 – How To

This week’s Weekly Wonderings is a How To episode.  From Craft Beer to LinkedIn to Periscope.  And for the aspiring writers, my favorite writing podcast are all featured on Weekly Wonderings 005. Do you know how to clean your glassware properly? Can you spot a beer glass that hasn’t been cleaned well? Have no fear […]

Weekly Wonderings 004 – International

One of the beauties of the Internet and Social Media platforms in particular is the ability to connect with people around the world. It’s easy for us to get caught up focusing on local events as our own lives often dominate our perspective. And yet, when I sit down at the computer I can explore […]

Weekly Wonderings 003

Week 3 of Weekly Wonderings brings me to Google +, a perhaps overlooked, but incredibly valuable Social Media platform.  My wanderings return me back to the Social Media arena where I have enjoyed the best interaction.  There I’ve made new real life friends, expanded my knowledge and have a blast interacting with so many different […]

Weekly Wonderings 002

Week 2 of Weekly Wonderings is all about learning. One of the beauties of the Internet is its use as a platform for sharing knowledge.  And in my wanderings this week I was fortunate to come across a series of items that certainly expanded my knowledge and thought process.   Weekly Wonderings – Craft Beer. […]

Inaugural Wonderings

Social Media can bombard us with information overload and articles or events of note can stream by so quickly they get pushed to the background before even giving them the attention they command.  So, if for myself at the very least, and hopefully of interest to you, the reader, I will be gathering together some […]

Playing around with video editing

I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos of Gary Vaynerchuk and he does a masterful job of repackaging content.  He finds ways to take older video content and make it timely and relevant.  And he takes snippets from his own longer videos, extracting those key moments and re-presenting them in a new way to […]